30 Rock..a.k.a. why Tina Fey is my hero.

8 Dec

I’ve recently become obsessed with 30 Rock.

30 Rock Pictures, Images and Photos

I actually should thank Dave for this one because he insisted we get this stupid thing where he can set up Netflix through his XBox live account. Basically we can add movies to a list and some how they magically end up on his Xbox (please don’t ask me how this really happens because I have no idea..hence..magic). Anyways, it came out like three weeks ago and Dave could talk about nothing else the few days before it came out. We’ve had Blockbuster Total Access for over a year and I really loved it so I told Dave to wait a few weeks and see how the Xbox/Netflix collaboration was working and then maybe we would switch.

I came home that afternoon and we had a Netflix account and Dave had already watched three movies.

Anyways, they don’t have a super crazy amount of good new movies that I want to watch but they do have a lot of old movies (which I LOVE) and some TV shows I’ve always wanted to watch but never did. So 30 Rock was on there and I’ve been watching a lot of them recently. Well, whenever I can actually stand being in the man room…i.e…when it’s not disgusting and doesn’t smell bad. I never watched the show when it came on because it’s on the same time at Grey’s Anatomny but I seriously love this show. It’s so funny. Go watch it.

Dave and I watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip..which came out the same year as 30 Rock.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Pictures, Images and Photos

Needless to say, Dave and I supported the wrong “sketch comedy” plot TV show. Never heard of Studio 60? Yeah, that’s because it lasted like five episodes and totally blew.


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