All done!

12 Dec

I (finally) finished my last semester of Graduate School classes yesterday! Unfortunately I am not totally finished yet–I still have to student teach in the spring. However, I am celebrating now because those classes were HARD. Student teaching will probably be just as hard (okay, probably harder) but I am actually looking forward to being around kids all day and, well you know, the whole finish line in sight thing is sort of excellent. So, I am done and today was my first full day of having nothing to do! I am out of school until the beginning of February, which sounds wonderful in theory, but today I was so bored I vacuumed behind our dresser. (It was dusty!) I do have a couple of projects I am working on like refinishing our dresser and bookcases, painting our bedroom and making curtains for our bedroom and the living room. I also have the Praxis to study for and our trip to Washington to see Obama become the President will keep me busy. I am trying to enjoy it though because the last four weeks I have been super stressed had approximately 34 projects on my to-do list. I got them all done and studied and (hopefully) kept up with my 4.0 GPA. There is this one class I am a little worried about but I think I got a 100% on the exam so we’ll see. Tomorrow I am getting an hour long massage and I am so excited about that.
Anyway, in other ramblings…
I’ve pretty much become obsessed with this store on Etsy called Luxe Deluxe. They have the cutest jewelry and I want to buy it all.

I want this:
and this:
I try really hard to not buy anything for myself from Thanksgiving to Christmas since it’s the season of giving and everything but I am going to buy some of her
stuff after the holidays.


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