End of semester celebration

15 Dec

Today I went and saw Twilight. Again.

A few weeks ago in the midst of finals, papers, article reviews, lessons, portfolios and projects I decided that once the semester ended I would treat myself a little and go see Twilight again.
I did see the movie the opening weekend with Tyner. We went to a matinee and the theatre was not full of screaming teenagers like I feared. Instead I sat in front of an middle-aged woman who made inappropriate noises every time Robert Pattison came on the screen.

Yup, he’s cute and everything but it made it difficult to concentrate. That combined with the fact that I really love the books and wanted to watch the movie again to see what I missed set me out on my little adventure this afternoon.
I don’t mind going to movies by myself. It’s not something I do often but Dave was at work and I decided to go see a matinee since I was bored and I knew I wouldn’t be able to convince him to come with me when he got home. However, going to a movie by yourself and being the ONLY person in the theatre are two different things. I actually think I was the only person in the entire building let alone that theatre based on the amount of cars in the parking lot. At first it freaked me out a little bit but then half way through the previews I decided it was really awesome. In fact it may be the only way I watch movies from now on. I think it’s was Gods little way of making it up to me for the people I had to sit in front of last time.

By the way, Tyner prefers Emmett over Edward because he’s a thug.

I told her that was pretty typical. She has been dying to dress up like a thug for six Halloween’s in a row and never has.

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