Christen-mas Part II

17 Dec

I can’t believe Christmas is next Thursday. That one sort of sneaked up on me. We are leaving on Friday to start are annual Christmas voyage and I still feel like I have a lot to do. However, tonight we did get to watch one of my favorite Christmas specials of all time.
A Charlie Brown Christmas

Has there ever been a more depressing and unlucky kid ever in existence? I really don’t think so. That kid is totally sad. And I never realized how much this special is actually a political statement on how much commercialization has effected Christmas. Either way I don’t think I’ve watched it in about ten years and I loved it. And keeping with the theme of me being weird, my favorite character was always Freida. I told Dave that tonight and he said it was typical.
In case you don’t remember Frieda is the the little-red-haired girl who is always looking in the mirror talking about her curls.
(She’s behind Charlie Brown in the green jacket in the picture above.)

Every year since Dave was old enough to watch TV him and his Dad have always had one night a few days before Christmas where they watch movies by the tree and eat popcorn from one of those Holiday popcorn tins. They make hot cocoa and stay up as late as they can watching movies. I have been participating in this ever since I became a Sistare and it is one of my favorite traditions. We typically watch:

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation: (I had seen this movie one million times growing up and shockingly I never actually saw the unedited version until I my first Sistare movie night!)

“Shitter’s full!”

Scrooged: I had never even heard of this one before Sistare movie nights.

Probably the most underrated Christmas movie of all. I never see it on T.V. during the Holidays. If you’ve never seen it go rent it. It’s great! (and festive!)

Ernest Saves Christmas:Another one I’d never seen and probably my least favorite of the bunch.

And sometimes another movie is added if we are up late. The 4th doesn’t have to be Christmas themed necessarily (one year..before we got married..they watched Die Hard!)I always suggest the wonderful musical treat of The Sound Of Music and sadly I get shut down every year. Really, there are Nazi’s, music, intrigue, suspense..what more do you need?!

However, I did retaliate one Christmas and Dave’s grandparents and I watched this on television while Dave moped in the other room. THEY loved it.


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