Late Night Television Ranting

19 Dec

I watch A LOT of television. Especially at night. Since I don’t work and typically have school later in the day I usually stay up well past midnight on a nightly basis and sleep a little later than most people. Trust me, this saves my marriage. Dave hates the T.V. at night and I can’t sleep with out it so I usually watch T.V. until I fall asleep on the couch and then stumble back to bed in the middle of the night. Since Dave typically goes to bed early since he needs to be at work by 7:45 this is our system. Lately, I haven’t had any school work to fill my time so I’ve been watching even MORE television. Yes, I know. I really need a hobby.
I love David Letterman but I hate Paul Shaffer
Really. In case you don’t know he is the band leader of David Letterman’s band on the Late Show. I hate him so much I rarely watch Letterman anymore. I just think he is SO annoying and a terrible sidekick. Conan O’Brien’s sidekick Max Weinberg is much better. Paul Shaffer is just obnoxious and interrupts Dave when he speaks and plays stupid songs. Or when Dave says something he ALWAYS goes “Yah, yah, I remember that”. I really can’t stand him. And really, what is with the PURPLE tinted sunglasses?
While searching for an image on photobucket I found that I am not the only one.

But Max Weinberg..thumbs up. Way up. It’s possible that I like him better because he’s just a funnier person too. He’s more reserved than Paul Shaffer, and heaven knows he doesn’t interject as much as PS does, but the bits they do with him are funnier as well. In case you have better things to do , like go to sleep so you can get up to go to work the next morning, and aren’t familiar with the bits they often portray Max as some sort of Jewish perv. It sounds awful yes..but so, so, so funny.

Speaking of the Jewish….
I am in love with Chelsea Lately on E! It’s a show starring Chelsea Handler, a comedian, in which several other comedians and her sit around a “round table” and make fun of celebrities. She is hilarious and I watch her show every night without fail. She also has a cute little nugget sidekick named Chuy Bravo..who is without a doubt my favorite of ALL the sidekicks. Her favorite things are right along with mine: little people, vodka, the f-word, high heels and gays. She’s kind of my hero. Along with Lauren Graham. I have also read her book Are You There Vodka? It’s me Chelsea? it didn’t change my life or anything like Twilight but it was excellent.

Chuy Bravo:

And speaking of Lauren Graham:
I also watch The Gilmore Girls almost every night. For my birthday in August Dave bought me seasons two and three which completed my collection. I felt it was appropriate to start from season one and go straight through at that point. It took me four months and one day but I finally finished them last night. Even though I have seen every single episode once before I still cried like an idiot last night when the last episode finished. I am extremely tempted to re-start with season one tonight but I am not sure I can make that four month commitment again. Plus, every time I get to the end of season seven I fell so let down that there is nothing more to watch. I know the show ended kind of suddenly and they never really got to finish it the way they wanted to and it might seem weird but I feel it every time I watch the last episode. Sad. I need a support group or something.

I really hate that I named my cat Jaxon five years ago and now people are naming their kids that and spelling it the same way. I feel I can talk about this in my late night post because he’s nocturnal. Therefore, we spend a lot of time together at night while the dog and the husband are asleep. Dave and I thought we were SO cool when we came up with the name Jaxon. (Jackson) I wanted to name him Jack..Dave didn’t. So we eventually settled on Jax (Jacks) which turned into Jaxon. This year a lot of people I know are having invent the name or anything but it kills me! I was so proud of his name! Oh well..I suppose I should be happy that other people think it’s cool enough to name their kid that. We weren’t as inventive with our dog Reilly. If you’ve ever seen him you know that he just SCREAMS Reilly. There literally was nothing else we could have called him.
And just to keep up the consistency:

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