A merry little Christmas

29 Dec

We are back. Finally!
So, that makes it sound like our trip was bad but in actuality we had a wonderful Christmas vacation! It’s just good to be home after ten days of family, family and MORE family!
We started off the trip at Dave’s parents house where we did the Annual Sistare Movie Night. I think I made it through one movie before Bart (my adorable father-in-law) started to snore so loud the room started shaking. After that I went and slept in the living room and listened to the movies through the wall. However, this didn’t mean I got any sleep. My in-laws have a puppy about the same age as Reilly named Boo. He’s plenty adorable and lots of fun. However, my dog and Boo LOVE to wrestle. Which means they played all day and all night long. Also, Reilly freaked out because Dave and I were sleeping in different rooms and he could not decide where to sleep. At 5 a.m. the boys finally stopped playing and rested which finally meant I could get some sleep. I was not a happy girl that morning. We headed home before lunch and Reilly and I slept in the car and most of the afternoon. On Sunday morning we headed up to Lancaster, SC to stay with Gummy and Papa (my even more adorable grandparents-in-law) until Christmas Eve. We had a great time with them and we went to eat at their favorite restaurant, Arby’s. We did some shopping but mostly relaxed. We also went to Pageland to eat lunch with our new Spartanburg friends Brice and Keri (who were visiting family in Cheraw). I also got to stop by and visit my friend Carla and see her house and her cute pudgy baby Colby Jace.
Christmas Eve was a blast. Dave’s family has always done the majority of the celebrating on Christmas Eve so we usually spend the evening with them and then head to Aiken to spend Christmas Day with my family. With the exception of driving 2 and a half hours in the middle of the night the arrangement works out nicely. The best part of this year was Dave’s cousin Kim and her family were here for Christmas. A few years ago Kim married Tim (too cute right..Kim and Tim) anyways, Tim is in the Army and they moved to Germany right before Dave and I got married. In total there were four extra kids there this year and it was great to have so many people around. Before I married Dave our biggest number of people at Christmas was 4. This year at Gummy and Papa’s there were 15 people. That, along with the massive amounts of presents under the tree, BLEW my mind! After a big huge dinner and present opening it was time to leave–which was very hard for both of us but especially Dave.
Dave and his little cousins playing football:

Look at all those presents!
However, we were not jealous when we got to my parent’s house after midnight on Christmas Eve morning and went to sleep in our big comfy King Size bed instead of sleeping on the floor and Gummy and Papa’s.
We spent the next five days with my mom, dad and brother in a much lower key holiday celebration. We had a good time and we both got lots of presents! We are so spoiled. But on to the good stuff…presents!
I got a lot of great things this year but I’ll just point out some highlights:
Maybe my favorite…The Little Green Machine! Our dining room for some stupid reason has carpet and our dog always drags dirt in from the outside. I am going to use the crap out of this thing.

Dasiy by Marc Jacobs:

These boots that I am obsessed with:
A flip camera..which is pink and so cute
And Dave got me a few things, including the new Britney Spears album which I am sure he will live to regret, but the big present was a Juicy Couture Charm Necklace that is so cute. I might wear it when I am dead.
It looks like this only silver..

I also had my first Sephora experience this trip.

It was amazing. We went to the mall in Augusta and I spent at least an hour wondering around in a haze trying to decide which twenty dollar lip gloss to buy. It was the make-up store to end all make-up stores. If you’ve never been to a Sephora before..go..your life will never be the same. How does Greenville NOT have one of these. On the other hand, I am glad they don’t or I would be broke. I’ve shopped online at sephora.com before but the store was just an entirely different experience. I ended up getting some Benefit mascara some OPI nail polish and some Philosophy lip gloss
I’ve never spent so much money on such tiny things before.


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