Oh my.

3 Jan

Every year since 2006 I have blogged about my New Year’s Goals. I was talking to Tyner the other night and she reminded me I still had not posted them for this year. It wasn’t that I forgot it was that I really hadn’t been able to think of anything. So this morning I re-read all my old blogs…which you can find here if you feel like it AND you’re my myspace friend http://www.myspace.com/youaremyhomie. I really don’t use myspace anymore so I decided to just write them here.

So, here we go. 2008 Year in Review.
January- Went to Jan. Term. Sat in class with the most annoying boy ever who got the nick-name “Trail Boy” for his love of hiking in the mountains. Later in the year I heard he hit on my married friend Valerie and she dissed him after which he sighed and then put on his wedding ring right in front of her. Thereby reinforcing my original assumption that Trail Boy is a toolbag.
February- Dave reluctantly agreed to a summer vacation.
March and April: Continued with school and made all A’s..and one A- which will haunt me til the day I die.
May After a long puppy hunt we finally adopted our little bundle of joy Reilly.
JuneDave and I went to Cocoa Beach and Disney World for vacation and had a great time. Better than great if there is such a thing. We rode segways!
July and August I went to summer school (and got two more A’s while Dave enjoyed sitting on his butt and getting paid for it. I think he really started to appreciate the teacher thing somewhere around here. Sadly, the end of the month came and it was back to school and work for both of us.
September, October and NovemberWatched Reilly morph for a tiny puppy to a gigantic beast, went back to school (made more A’s), started a clinical in Kindergarten and thus fell in love with five year olds, celebrated our two year wedding anniversary with Mellow Mushroom and Champagne and kicked off the holiday season.
December: Finished up classes after one last panic induced three weeks before finals projects, papers cram session.

I cannot complain about this year. It seemed like every time we had a hardship something great was just around the corner. It wasn’t the best year of our lives. Money was tight (as usual) and Dave continued to feel restless with his career path but all in all we feel pretty lucky to have each other, a gorgeous house and two wonderful fur babies.

However, there is always room for improvement.
* I am expecting 2009 to be pretty cool because I will finally get to student teach and hopefully (cross your fingers) get a job in the fall. That’s my main goal this year.
* I finally finished painting our hallway and started our bedroom. I really need to finish that.
* I’ve recently become obsessed with Juicy Couture and I want this purse:

I’m not sure why but I am kind of obsessed with it.
*I finally stopped drinking Diet Coke. Well. A week ago anyway. I made it through the weening process and all the headaches so hopefully I won’t fall off the wagon again.
* And my last goal doesn’t really have much to do with me at all. I really want Dave to find a job that he loves doing. For the past two years he has been our rock. He’s gotten up everyday and gone to a job he’s been less than thrilled about just so I could go to school. After I am done with school I am glad that I can finally re-pay him for everything he’s done for me.

And sadly, that’s it for this year.

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