9 Jan

There are not many things in the world that I love more than cupcakes. In fact I can name them. Margaritas, Dave, buying in bulk at Costco and sales at Urban Outfitters.
For the past few weeks I have been dieting. Very successfully I might add! I have been tracking my calories and fat grams and walking Reilly on long walks every day. The pounds haven’t been sliding off of me or anything crazy like that but I’ve been productive. I had a good rhythm. HAD.
Dave hasn’t been feeling well all week and he came home today miserable. So this evening I went to Bi-Lo to buy him some medicine. On the way to the medicine aisle I saw my nemesis. Cupcakes. But these weren’t any ordinary cupcakes. They were Carolina Panther cupcakes. Anyone who knows me knows that Dave loves the Panthers almost as much as he loves me. He’s been especially excited since the Panthers made it to the Playoffs this year. Since he was sick and miserable I decided to buy him these cute little Panther cupcakes which I knew he would love.
When I got home he was still asleep. And I ate four of them before he got up. Fail.


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