I finished it.

12 Jan

Remember a few days ago when I bought the book Marley and Me after bawling my little eyeballs out at the movie?
Well, I finished it today and it was excellent. It was even better than the movie. And sadder. I cried for the last forty pages of the book. At first just because it was sad but then Reilly saw how upset I was (and being a dumb doggie he didn’t know it was because of the book) so he came and laid on the couch and put his head in my lap. That didn’t help. Not one bit. After I finished it I was in a horrible sad mood and I went and had asked Dave why he made us get a dog. I’ve always been a cat person and never really loved dogs before this one and that stupid book made me sad.
I had one dog before Reilly. Her name was Fluffy Flower (yes, I was six when I named her..and my original name for her was Pippi Longstocking..my parents but the kabash on that one.) and we had her for approximately one year. I remember I got her for Christmas in the 1st grade and she was all I ever wanted. She was a blond cocker spaniel whose mother was apparently certifiably insane and chewed off the ears of the other puppies in the litter. I remember wanting one of the ear-less ones but my parent’s wouldn’t let me. We gave her to a nice family when we moved to Hilton Head because my parent’s insisted she would be eaten by an alligator. I really think it was because she ate their golf clubs and peed on my grandma and they never forgave her.
Needless to say, since Fluffy Flower my parents have strictly been an all cat (one cat) household. That’s why I never really had a desire for a dog until Dave really wanted one. The theory that Reilly was Dave’s dog lasted all of about three minutes until we got him home. Dave says I have Reilly blinders on and even when I am on my knees steam-cleaning the carpet because he got red-clay mud all over the dining room I am still loving the little guy. And it’s true.

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