Fashion Police.

13 Jan

Here are my thoughts on last nights Golden Globes:

My favorites were:
Maggie Gyllenhall…I think this dress will probably be on a lot of “Worst Dressed” lists but I loved this dress and it is totally something I would wear. Basically because I love leopard. (The shorter version in the Lavin runway show is cute too)

I also loved Debra Messing. It’s no wonder her stylist (and my hero Rachel Zoe) get paid the big bucks. I am not loving the hair though. Her make-up, accessories and dress look fantastic but the hair might be a little too fluffy.

And the winner of Christen’s Golden Globe Looks 2009…Isla Fisher.

Renee Zellweger was having a major Bridget Jone’s moment. I have no words for this. I’m not sure who looks in the mirror and says “This looks fantastic!”. Her stylist should be shot or fried. Preferably both. And when exactly did her eye lids get glued together? I don’t think I have seen the girls eyeballs in years.

And, Marissa Tomei the sixties called. They want their peasant shirt back. Dave saw The Wrestler and insists she was fantastic in it. I suppose this is what happens when bad clothes happen to good people.


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