Ten reasons why I love Washington D.C.

22 Jan

10. H & M.I have always wanted to visit an H & M store but sadly living in South Carolina has prohibited me from my life long dream. I heard about them from fashion magazines. Basically they are as cheap as Old Navy but have better and more fashionable clothes. The bad thing about H & M…they don’t have an online store. Supposedly they’ve been “launching one” for three years now. This week I finally got to go to one. I can die now.

9. All the free stuff. Everything we wanted to do was free. All the monuments, the American & Natural History museums, the ZOO. All of them. Free of charge. I know we technically pay for it with our taxes and everything but this made me a happy girl.

8. Coats, hats and scarves.It’s no mystery that I like fall and winter better than spring and summer. When summer comes there is nothing better than going to the beach and smelling like coconuts but I don’t long for it like I do fall and winter. I love wrapping up in big coats, wearing cute hats and scarves. I have more coats than one girl could ever need in South Carolina. And yet, I can’t stop buying them even though I know that true winter weather only lasts a month (if that) and then the coats will go back in the closets.

7. The Metro.This ranks pretty high on my list. Higher than it would if I were not married. Dave suffers from something called road rage. I hear more expletives in a ten minute car ride with Dave than I would watching a month of HBO. The metro, and the lack of driving, made my husband a happy man. Which makes me a happy wife.

6. The food..ohh..the food.I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten better than I did this week. And we really did not go all out either. The several restaurants we tried were excellent. Also, DC seems to be the land of the Panini. Every place we went had Panini’s and they were all excellent. Especially this one place called Lawson’s.

5. Utz. Anywhere that you can buy UTZ potato chips is okay with me. I lived in Maryland until I was seven when I moved to SC. My parents spent most of their lives living in Maryland and out of all the things they could miss they miss UTZ potato chips the most.

4. DuPont Circle. This was my favorite part of D.C. The day we went there was a big Socialist rally. People were protesting against the war and George W. Bush, and protesting for gay-marriage and universal health care. For me, a girl from a sheltered island in South Carolina, this was amazing. It didn’t matter if I agreed with the protest or not it was just so awesome to see this kind of display in action. Aside from the protesters there were cute stores and restaurants and adorable row houses that I want to live in one day.

3.Why Barack Obama of Course. More on him and his inauguration later.

2. Maya.My best friend from about the time I was eight until I was eighteen. She moved to D.C. for college almost ten years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She served as our mini tour guide on night and drove us around Capitol Hill and took us to eat at the restaurant where she host Trivia every Wednesday night. Without a doubt she lives an amazing live and I miss her so much!

1. Two Homies and a Menorah. I have no idea if this is what this show is actually called..Dave and I just made that up. On Tuesday night we turned on the TV at the hotel and found this little beauty. It consists of two “gangsters” sitting at a table with a menorah reading from the bible and interpreting scripture. Sorry for all the giggling and commentary in the background. I couldn’t help myself. Sadly, three seconds after I turned off the camera he began comparing having sexual relations and taking your woman to the Sizzler so she can eat all she wants to gluttony.

So..the lesson we have learned here. Two dudes, a menorah and some snazzy backgrounds are all you need for a top rate cable show.


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