Obama…Oh Baby!

24 Jan


As you probably have guessed by now Dave and I just got back from a trip to Washington D.C. to see Obama become the president. The trip started last Friday when we drove from Spartanburg to Roanoke, Va to visit with my very best friend Shahrzad. She, along with her funny hubby Adam, were wonderful hosts and showed us around her town, went shopping and ate delicious food. And as Dave liked to put it..we gossiped. We gossiped about things that happened ten years ago and things that happened last week. Even though it had been over a year since the last time I saw her we picked up right where we left off without hesitation. And, I got to meet Owen for the first time. Even though he’s still in her belly! Haha! She is the most adorable pregnant woman I have ever seen and I can’t wait to come back to Roanoke in a few months to meet the little guy.

After Roanoke we headed to Washington D.C. The first day we spent doing to Smithsonians and walking around downtown. We were lucky enough to “accidentally” catch the inauguration concert that was happening on the mall. We didn’t get anywhere close to the actual stage but we did get to see Sheryl Crow, Garth Brooks, Will I Am, and Tiger Woods. When I bragged to my dad about this he seemed unimpressed that we did not get to see Bon Jovi. Apparently he is a big Bon Jovi fan.

That night we went to dinner with my high school BFF Maya. We had a great time with her and she gave us some suggestions for the next day.

And we took them. First we headed to DuPont Circle where we came upon a Socialist rally. I’m not a huge believer that Bush should do to jail for war crimes like these people did…but…I’m not a Bush fan so it was fun to play along. The best part of the entire experience was that they had piles and piles of shoes laying on the ground that you could throw at an inflatable George Bush (just like that Iraqi journalist did). So we did.
Dave, being sensible threw big heavy work boots.
However, I felt the need to throw something pink and fluffy. I felt it made a statement.
And George Bush was there! Who knew he was free?!
After our fun at DuPont we headed to the zoo. The FREE zoo. I knew it was an extension of the Smithsonians but I loved it. They had pandas, elephants, rhinos..basically everything you could imagine. It was so much better than the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. While we were there it began to snow! Unfortunately it didn’t stick but it was fun. We later learned that while we were doing that it was snowing back in South Carolina! I can’t believe we were in DC and got no snow, yet back home it was snowing and school was canceled.
The next day was the big day. We got to the mall fairly easily by the metro. We arrived about thirty minutes before the ceremony began and unfortunatly we were too late to get a prime location. Some people had been there since 4 a.m. I like Obama, but I LOVE my sleep. And it was COLD. The entire experience was amazing and something I will never ever forget. I have loved Obama and his message since the beginning but it was inspiring to see it in action. The fact the one man and his goals can inspire two million people of all shapes, sizes, nationalities and color to stand outside in the freezing cold for hours is remarkable. During the ceremony I really tried to soak it all in and take in every detail because I never want to forget that feeling. The weight of the free world is on his shoulders from now on. I am sure he will fall down and make mistakes because he is just a man. But I will never forget the faces that I saw in the audience last Tuesday. He is what people in this country need right now. No one else could inspire so much.

The worst part was the mass exit. Two million people..and no where to go.


One Response to “Obama…Oh Baby!”

  1. mike smith January 9, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    So, how did that ol hopey changey thing work out for you? Sounds like you really enjoyed the big hate-fest that day, you really ought to be ashamed of yourselves

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