Going Green, Faux-Nesting and The Real Housewives of Orange County.

25 Jan

Since the purchase of my Little Green Machine I have been obsessed with “Going Green”.

At least when it comes to cleaning my house. It’s good for the environment and even better for my furbabies. Especially the one (Reilly) who likes to lick the carpet. I recently threw out all my cleaning supplies and purchased Green Works Natural All Purpose Cleaners. It’s made with essential oils and all that good stuff. And it smells great.

Basically I’ve been green-cleaning my house all day while watching the Real Housewives of Orange County marathon and re-decorating. If I were pregnant they would call this nesting. However, since I’m not pregnant I have dubbed it “Faux-Nesting”. I am new to this whole Real Housewives phenomenon. My BFF Shahrzad got me interested in the New York version when I visited last week and now I’m obsessed. So far I do like the New York version better. Maybe because I’m a brunette.


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