26 Jan

Lately everyone on Facebook has been doing those “20 Random Thing About Me” notes. I love hearing random things about people but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to do one of those “note” thingys so I’ll just post mine here. I also don’t know if I’ll make it to twenty. I am not that interesting.

1. I really hate meat. I could probably easily be a vegetarian and sometimes I really want to. But I don’t for three big reasons. 1. Dave LOVES meat and it would be hard to cook dinner for us every night and that is one of my favorite parts of my day. 2. I LOVE hamburgers. This is the only meat I truly crave. and 3. I am far too lazy to actually do it.

2. I’m in school to be a teacher and honestly I should have just majored in Education when I went to undergrad. I have truly wanted to be a teacher since I was about five years old, but BOTH of my parents were in education and I just felt I wanted more to life. I even convinced myself in my early twenties that I hated kids. In my mind I always knew it was what I was supposed to be doing. I can say I will probably be doing it for the rest of my life. When I graduate in the summer and get I job I will be a third generation teacher. My grandfather, father and mother were all once teachers.

3. I have fully accepted that I am turning into my mother and I love it. Every year that goes by I pick up more of her habits and her mannerisms. It makes me wonder if she saw a lot of me in her when I was growing up. However, I am a strange combination of both of my parents. I inherited my fathers inability to sit still. I always have to be reading, working, watching, or making something. It’s not weird for Dave to come home from work and have an entire room be rearranged or a different color than when he left it.

4. I do not go anywhere without my straightener. That would just be a hot mess that no one would appreciate.

5. I generally like everyone I meet at first. I may grow to dislike someone eventually but very rarely do I meet someone who I loathe within minutes. And typically I later find out that they are generally bad people.

6. I can remember almost everything. I can remember names, conversations and what people wore three years later. However, the years 2000-2003 are a little fuzzy because I was drunk most of the time.

7. When I was younger I would go through friend “phases”. I had a different best friend and group of friends every few years. However, I did manage to keep some along the way. I have been friends with one since I was 13 (Maya), another since I was 17 (Matt Brodie), another since I was 18 (Shahrzad) and two since I was 19 (Tyner and Robin). Each one of them represents a different part of my life and I hold them each close to my heart.

8. I always have to have my toes painted and I cannot stand red nail polish. It looks fine on other people but for some reason I like I look like a hooker when I wear it.

9. I couldn’t spell or do percentages until I was in my twenties. I consider myself self-taught.

10. I generally laugh ALL the time. However, I never laugh at things that are supposed to be intentionally fun (comedians, funny television shows etc.) However, I cry ALL the time at things you’re supposed to think are sad. For example, Campbell’s Soup commericals or Grey’s Anatomy.

11. I want to move to a big city up North one day but I love the South so much I’m scared to leave. I guess it’s because I am comfortable here and I know what to expect. On the other hand I’d love for my children to get the opportunity to grow up in a diverse environment.

12. I am liberal, I am a white woman and I live in the South. I also am a Christian. This makes me the minority and I am okay with that. I draw the line at telling people how to live their lives even if I don’t always agree with all the liberal policies.

13. If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be to Japan. Most people would say Europe or somewhere tropical and exotic but not me. I would love to spend a summer over there just exploring. Also, I married the only other freak in the world with that same dream.

14. I will never be fully satisfied with my closet. No matter what I always want more than I have (or need).

15. I probably should have moved to Los Angles when I was 18 instead of going to college. I loved experimenting with fashion since I was in high school. In another life I think I was a stylist to movie stars….that leads me to number 16..

16. I truly wish I was alive in the 1950’s and 1960’s and lived in Hollywood. My favorite movie is Singin’ in the Rain followed closely by Breakfast at Tiffany’s.I love everything about the era: the clothes, the movies, the hair, the accessories. I would dress that way now if it was socially acceptable. Audrey Hepburn is my style icon and I find it hard to believe that today’s movie stars will go down in fashion history like she did.

17. I think Sundays are for laying around, watching television and making pancakes. It’s a tradition in our house and I hope it never stops.

18. I love Disney World more than most adults should. But this is not an unknown fact about me. The weird part is I will plan “fake trips” all the time. I will even go as far to quote prices and find the cheapest times to go there and research all the discounts. I also have to hold back a lot in conversations about Disney World. If I am talking to a friend or someone about their upcoming trip I try and not divulge all the information I know because I’ll sound like a freak of nature. Trust me, I even know the best times to get in line for certain rides. I am THAT lame.

19. Sometimes I worry that because I love my dog and my cat so much I will not have enough love to give my child. Then I tell myself that is totally ridiculous and go on with my day.

20. I feel like I am getting to the point in my life where I really want a baby. Then I get terrified about having one and find forty five reasons to talk myself out of it.


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