Why I married Dave.

29 Jan

Because he can be so endearing in uncomfortable situations.

Example, on our recent trip to Washington D.C. we set out to find the Shakespeare Theatre. Dave and I were both Theatre majors in college and we were excited to see it. We found it and much to our excitement the lobby was open and they have lots of exciting pictures and press releases on display. I was excited to see that many of the plays included guest artist Pat Carroll (hello..voice of Ursula in The Little Mermaid). Anyway, being the cool, hip, loving people that we are it took me about five minutes to realize that we busted in on some type of gathering. The first thing that tipped me off was the large dessert and coffee bar set up in the middle of the room and the nice elderly woman smiling (a little too much) at us offering any refreshment we would like. I politely declined and started to take notice at the other banners hanging on the walls.
Here is how the rest of that conversation went..

Me: “Um, Dave, I don’t think we should be here right now.”
Dave: “Why not?”
Me: “Well, it looks like we have crashed an NAACP meeting.”
Dave: “Oh.”

Normally people would scurry to the door and leave right? Not that we don’t believe in the cause but we clearly shouldn’t have been there and we were basically crashing an event.
Halfway out of the door I turn around and Dave is nowhere to be found. To my left I see him chatting up the refreshment lady while he’s filling up his cup of coffee and nonchalantly walks towards to door waving to everyone as we leave.
To their credit. Dave did say the NAACP coffee was excellent.

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