Big Dummies.

30 Jan

I am always thinking about things to blog about since I am really not that interesting. Luckily, I do have enormous luck and big dummies seem to flock to me and do interesting and blog worthy things around me. For example,

After the inauguration was over it was a mad house. It gave the term “a lot of people” an entirely new meaning. Since there were specific exits Dave and I decided to wait it out near a fence instead of herding through millions of people to get out of the mall area. I fairly certain that the Inauguration Committee, the D.C. police or whoever set up these fences put them there for a reason. They also used metal fences that were joined together and then it appeared that they were hammered into place to stop people from taking them apart. Basically, unless you had a sledge hammer or a very special fence taking apart tool you would not be able to take these fences apart. For some reason that did not stop the masses.
Basically, you had two choices. Jump the fence:

Or….defy the laws of physics and God and take the fence apart.
This guy had no luck.
This lady had the get down low approach. Hm…still not working.
Yup, still..not working.
These guys were sure that if they worked together as a team and applied weight to one side and pulled on another it would work. They must be Scientist.
This guy had the least amount of movement in the fence out of anyone but he kept saying “Oh I’ve got it!!” every three seconds.

And finally…….the fence won and people just started hopping it.


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