The cuteness of 1st graders.

11 Feb

It’s really hard to get frustrated or upset at my new career. Since I have been at it all of six days I am sure that this statement is false, but, I have learned that first graders are probably the funniest kids on the planet. Here’s why:

I was sitting next to a little boy at lunch who was having trouble opening his Cheetos.
Me: “Would you like me to open that for you?”
Boy: “Yes”
He hands it to me. I open it. He turns to me and said “I just loosened it up for you.”

I am not sure why but that almost made me spit out my food.

And another one.
We got a new little (adorable) girl in class this week. Right in the middle of the teacher introducing the new student to the class one little boy (who has been in a new student first grade love trance since the girl walked in) interrupts the teacher and said “I just have to say this. You have a very cute nose.”

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