Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

How was your Valentines Day? Mine was excellent. Sort of.

I woke up on Saturday and went shopping. My throat started to hurt and I started sweating. I got home and found out I had a fever. It was probably caused by the 1 million grams of sugar I ate yesterday at the 1st grade Valentine’s Day party. I came home and it got worse and by dinner I was up to 101 degrees. Fantastic. Dave went and got Outback take-out and after I ate I sort of felt a little better. Luckily I woke up today and felt much better.

My husband is NOT a gushy romantic type of guy. I prefer it that way actually. If he wrote me poems, cards, bought me jewelry, chocolate and flowers and told me how wonderful I was all the time I might vomit. That stuff makes me crazy. However, it does make the times he does the cute stuff even better. Yesterday, after my nap (which consisted about several really weird fever dreams that starred my yellow sweater that I just bought) he came in and gave me a really cute card. That would have been enough but he also gave me purple tulips, which are my FAVORITE flower. I think he might of bought flowers for me once before. The cutest part was he was SO proud of himself that he talked about the flowers for the rest of the day. Seriously, sometimes my husband can be TOO adorable.

They are much prettier in person than in the picture:


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