Amazing….not really…Race

17 Feb

To further embarrass myself…..I thought the Oscar’s were last night. I was already to sit down and watch hours of Jay (Fruity Pants) Manuel critique stars outfits all night long with his glam-a-strator while he wears a metallic silver suit and has hair so shockingly blond it’s almost blue. Please don’t get me wrong. I heart him. Thank god for the E! Channel or some people wouldn’t have jobs.’s on next week not this week. Student Teaching is quiet the time suck, yes?

I also found out that the premiere of one of my (many) favorite reality shows The Amazing Race was on last night. This is the 3rd season that there has been a team from South Carolina. Being that I am for some reason extremely proud of my state I always root for them whether they are toolbags are not.

I must say that those South Carolina teams are doing us proud here in the Palmetto State. Preston and his girlfriend of two years Princess McWhiney Pants are the second (out of three) teams to get kicked off the Amazing Race in the first episode.
Congrats guys, you are making us proud. (Do you like how he’s carrying her in this picture?!? Foreshadowing my friends!! They were racing to the finish line neck and neck against another team and she was riding piggy back.)

And who can forget Ryan and Chuck?!? And watch out..these two are from Inman!

And no, I haven’t seen them at the Dollar General yet. And yes, when I do I will totally ask them for their autograph.


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