11 Mar

It’s not like I have very much of a life lately. So the one big outlet into the big bright outside world is the internet.

Enter..snowstorm and my last post.

Internet..wiped out for 24 hours. The good news was we got off of school for 2 days. And honestly the first day without internet wasn’t that bad. We had too much else to do. Like build snowmen. The second day..was a little bit more of a downer. The snow was melting and we were stuck in the house and we were both getting restless. Here is the part of the story where I should of had the foresight to hide Dave’s cell phone, but I didn’t.

Next thing I know Dave is one the phone throwing around fancy words like “his associates” and “reliability” to the customer service rep at Charter. Chances are that person doesn’t even know how to spell reliability. Next thing I know…the internet was canceled.
Here is the conversation that followed:
Me: So you canceled it?
Dave: Yes.
Me: So, um, what’s your plan now?

Excellent. That was LAST Tuesday. It took us a week and a day to get it back together.
Thanks Dave.

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