How did you spend your Easter?

12 Apr

Hunting for eggs? Eating chocolate bunnies? Going to a cookout? Eating jelly beans?
These are all fairly normal Easter related activities..yes?

We did not do any of these today. We spent most of the morning/afternoon sitting in the Emergency Room watching Mary Poppins because a two hundred pound man landed right on top of Dave’s ankle last night. Ah, wrestling.
Luckily he’s not dead or entirely broken. He also got his first shot in the butt which I think was a lot of fun for him. The medicine also made him forget about the pain and made him a little loopy. It was a fun ride home.
I, however, was not happy, jolly or any other adjective meaning great. Hospitals..and well sick people in general..really freak me out. After over an hour of listening to an old man in the room near Dave scream “Help me! It hurts! Doctor! Nurse! Help Me!” I was ready to get the heck out of there.


One Response to “How did you spend your Easter?”


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    […] I was just happy to not be spending this Easter in the emergency room listening to the oldest man in the world scream bloody murder for over an hour.  True story. […]

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