All things iddy biddy..

4 May

Since I found out I was pregnant..and even more so since my pants have stopped fitting and this has become more real..I have become obsessed with all things iddy biddy.

Like these little shoes!

And these super soft blankets:

In case you can’t tell from the pictures I am feeling more and more like it’s a girl. We find out in a month so I really need to just stop guessing but I can’t help it.
I am really enjoying being pregnant so far. Not because it’s a wonderful moving experience and all that crap. (I mean it is..I just think that much is a given right?) I am enjoying it simply because I NEVER know what the next thing out of Dave’s mouth is going to be and typically they are hilarious. Take yesterday for instance:

First I’ll set the scene. We were talking about our baby and how it won’t really do too much at first but eat, sleep and cry. He goes back to the man-room and then twenty minutes later he comes wandering out and says this…..
Dave: I was just back there thinking about when the baby is little it will be cute and sleep and we can look at it and stuff. But then I was thinking about how a year from now it will still be cute..the same for two years, then three years but what I am really worried about is six years from now. What happens when our little girl comes up to me and says “Daddy, I’m bored!”? If it was a boy I’d know what to do. I could say “Okay, you want to wrestle, or play guns or something?” But if it’s a girl what am I going to say “Okay, you want to sit on my lap?”
Me: You could have a tea party.
Dave: Yeah, but I don’t know anything about tea. We can’t have a tea party all day long.

And then today I get a text message at 7:45 a.m. that reads just like this:

I spent about twenty minutes trying to decipher this one until I gave up and just figured he MUST have meant to text this to someone else. Because this made NO sense to me. I texted him back wondering what he was talking about. A few minutes later he replies telling me he listened to an awful news story on NPR (yes..he listens to that..don’t even get me started on that) about how some toddler was climbing up a dresser and a television fell on him. Awful yes. However, now we apparently need to fasten all our furniture to the walls. He tried to do this today to our bookshelf until I stopped him.


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