Boy or Girl?

11 May

Okay my loyal blog readers (all three of you!). I have added a poll!

Dave and I had our 16 week check-up this afternoon. It was a little nerve racking because the nurse couldn’t find the heartbeat at first. She tried for awhile and then excused herself quietly to go get the doctor. Dave and I sat in complete silence for about three minutes. You did not need a doppler to hear our heartbeats. (Well, Dave wouldn’t stop farting but that’s another story.) The overly excited doctor came in and easily found the heartbeat.
Thank God.
Then I had to get blood work done..which was NO good…but I survived.

Our next appointment is scheduled for June 5th and it’s the BIG ultrasound where will find out if it’s a boy or girl. We are both off by that day so I am pretty sure we will spend the rest of the day shopping for iddy biddy things in either pink or blue!

As far as my mother’s help. I fluctuate back and forth between thinking it’s a girl and thinking it’s a boy about every week. I’m still on my girl kick but I think that’s because we recently decided on a girl name. As far as wanting one over the other I really don’t know the answer to that either. I think both would be great. If I get excited about wanting a girl the next second I think of something I’d miss out on if it wasn’t a boy and vice versa.

So vote in my poll..boy or girl?!


One Response to “Boy or Girl?”

  1. Jessica May 13, 2009 at 12:45 am #

    I think you’re going to have a boy! But, either way, their Auntie Tyn is going to love them too pieces! And, totally, totally spoil them!!

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