When Reilly figured it out.

2 Jun

My dog Reilly is unquestionably the joy of my life. I suppose that will change in October but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. If you don’t know Reilly is our one and a half year old adopted Black Lab/German Shepard/Rottweiler/We have no idea what else puppy. Dave wanted him and he quickly became my little Muffinface. Yes, I call him that.
Since I became pregnant I have read a lot of blogs, web articles, etc. that discuss whether or not dogs can sense when the ladies in their lives become pregnant. Generally you get a mixed reaction. I like to pretend that Reilly does know that something is going on. He’s always been very gentle with me but lately he is more so. He has also taken to laying on my stomach and not moving unless I force him to.
However, yesterday I was getting ready in my bathroom and he was in the sit position just staring at me. This is not very unusual. He typically follows me where ever I go. Dave calls him my “shadow” and if I leave the house he usually hides behind the couch or he’ll go lay down by Dave. However, he just kept staring. He stared so much that I was able to go get my phone and take a picture of it.

I call this picture..When Reilly figured it out. As you can tell he is staring at my ever growing belly. You may have to click on it to make it bigger since Reilly sort of blends in with our dust ruffle.

Please know that normally I would NEVER post a picture of my messy bedroom but this picture was just too funny.


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