What IS it?!?!

5 Jun

Our ultrasound is tomorrow and I am crawling out of my skin waiting. Also, this is taking into account that all goes well and Baby Sistare doesn’t want to be shy about reveling their private bits.
So in honor of the big day I’ve spent the entire night taking lame Gender Prediction Quizes online.

Justmommies.com: Girl

Childbirth.org: Boy

Parents.com: It’s a toss up..(seriously this was the answer they gave me..apparently I can’t even pass stupid online quizzes)

AmazingPregnancy.com: Girl

Chinese Gender Chart: Boy

Bump.com: Girl

TheLaborofLove.com: Girl

Mother’s Intuition: During the first trimester I swore it was a boy. The second trimester came and it was girl vibes 100% (this may of had something to do with the fact that we figured out a girl name during this time).

Grandfather’s Intuition: Girl. My dad has decided that under no uncertain termsthat we are having a baby girl. He even has a complex reasoning system dealing with how many girls he has, how many girls my sister has, how many sisters my mom has and how many girl cousins I have. The fact that technically Dave is the one who determines the sex has no validity in his world.


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