Operation Nursery..Take One.

18 Jun

Two years ago we moved in our house. There was never an occasion in our four years of living together (at that time) where we had three bedrooms. We barely had enough furniture to decorate the other rooms in our house so we dumped pretty much anything that didn’t have a home in the 3rd bedroom. For almost a year we referred to it as “the box room”. Last summer I cleaned it up (a bit) and set up some of my sewing stuff (the only thing I learned in college) and some of my school stuff. So eventually it morphed into a sewing room/office/dumping ground. Now it’s designated as the babies nursery. We started Monday and after a trip to the dump and a trip to Goodwill we are finally starting to see some progress. This is what it looked like about 15 minutes before we started cleaning. Scary sight. Stay tuned!

Those patches of paint on the wall are test spots for the colors we’re painting!


One Response to “Operation Nursery..Take One.”

  1. Sarah & Brian Daniels June 18, 2009 at 5:27 pm #

    I know what we're getting you from your registry! The bumgenius diapers are the best! Here's a tip you might not hear any where else -put a little white vinegar a downy ball or in the softner tray during the first wash and it will completely rid the diapers of the ammonia smell (from the urine). Good Luck! You should check out cottonbabies (who invented bumgenius) on facebook. There's some great stories on there.

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