25 Jun

So this guy:

Is Mark Sanford. He is the governor of South Carolina. For all intensive purposes I think he’s kind of lame.

Here is why. A few months ago I started to realize “Holy crap, the economy is in the crapper.” Yes, it took me a little longer than most to realize this because I don’t have a job and Dave is a teacher. By all accounts his job is relatively secure…unlike stock brokers for example. Anyway, I started to realize this when Dave came home and basically said his superintendent sent out an e-mail urging teachers to write to Gov. Sanford about how they would like him to accept the stimulus money. Apparently this money has a certain allotment for education allowing districts to not have to LAY OFF TEACHERS and the ability to hire more and you know..generally do good stuff. Evidently Sanford had Presidential dreams and thought a good way to make himself known to his party was to do something bold like reject the stimulus money.
I am serious.
Which basically meant..no job for the girl who spent two years working on her Master’s degree and took out student loans to pay for it. Excellent. Fantastic..I love it.
Eventually Sanford was taken to court and forced to accept the stimulus. However, some districts are so far gone now they have had to let go of teachers etc..etc.. Perhaps once budgets are redrawn there will be a hiring surge but who knows for sure. These are the main reasons I think Mark Sanford is pretty lame.

However, recently he went missing and while on hiatus he found himself an Argentinian lady friend. I won’t even go into my thoughts on extra marital affairs because that would require me to stand on my soapbox in my pink tutu and tiara and rattle on for hours. It could be very tiring for everyone.
It’s the e-mails that he has sent back and forth to his ladyfriend that have recently been discovered that are a real head scratcher for me. Especially this line….
I am most jealous of your salad under the palm tree.

Really? This guy has a wife AND an Argentinian ladyfriend? If I was eating a salad under a palm tree and Dave came up to me and said “I am most jealous of your salad under the palm tree” I think I would just look at him really weird.


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