27 Jun

I love to decorate. I am pretty sure it’s hereditary.

I have been obsessed with decorating the nursery for months now. I have fallen in love with HGTV’s Rate My Space Galleries. The main inspiration for Little Dave’s nursery is this jungle themed room:

Some how it’s morphed into not really looking like that at all, but that’s okay. I really loved the peaceful look of the room. Although overall I think it’s a little too busy. I also couldn’t talk Dave into painting the room brown so we are going with Safari Green with brown accents. We ditched the blue and brown shown in the picture because our bedroom is blue and brown so we thought it might be a bit redundant. I also found this adorable fabric to make the bedskirt, quilt and curtains out of.

This might sound insane but overall I don’t want the room to be too “kiddie”. It will be as much of a place for Dave and I as it will for the baby so I’d love for it to be peaceful and homey. We’ll see how it turns out. Plus, I have been DYING to put animal print somewhere in my house for years but Dave has always put his foot down on that one.

I’ve decided I also need to go ahead and finish our bedroom. Since we’ll have a newborn in just four months I know we’ll need a grown-up place of our own to retreat to once and awhile!

I love these rooms!

(This girls room looked worse than mine and with $500 she totally transformed it..I love it!)

I love this one as well…I am sensing a theme..dark walls..light bedding. That would be a horrible idea..especially with my dog who loves to jump on my bed with muddy paws!


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