Lazy Sunday

30 Jun

On Sunday Dave and I had a lazy day. Granted most of our days our lazy but this one was particularly lazy because we did not leave the house. We, okay I, decided it would be fun to put the crib together. We should have waited until the room was painted but we (I) was too anxious for all of that.

Also here I should give a big thank you to my mom and dad who bought us the crib as a present for Little Dave. They are a touch excited about having a new grandson.

Anyway..the project started out like this:

Next, Dave got to work. Of course always with a little help from Reilly. Surprisingly he only tried to eat the directions twice. The rest of the time he tried to eat the box the hardware came in or fight with Jaxon who was hiding under a mass of packing material.

Just to give you a hint…this Sunday was sooo lazy I had to convince Dave to put pants on so I could take pictures of the process. If you know him well this doesn’t surprise you.

Typically Dave + putting together furniture = a lot of curse words, throwing things in disgust and quitting at least twice before completion. Remind me to blog about the great blind hanging debacle of 2009. That was fun. However, maybe because this furniture wasn’t $30 from Target and made of pressed wood he had an easy time with it. He put it together in about forty-five minutes and didn’t use the f-word once. I was beyond proud.

Here is it almost done:

And viola! Now the baby has somewhere to sleep. Even though he’s not due for another four months.


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