Public Enemies..Fail..

2 Jul

Yesterday Dave and I went to a matinee movie and saw Public Enemies. Dave and I are huge movie watchers, but we aren’t big “going to the movies” people. At home we watch a movie almost every other night (love Netflix!). However, we only really go if there is something we really really want to see. For instance, you could bet money on the fact that we’ll be back sometime after July 15th to see Harry Potter.

Anyway, yesterday we went to see Public Enemies. This was a movie we both probably could have waited to see on DVD but we were bored and we were both up, dressed, and fully functioning before noon so we decided to do something fun yesterday. Along with just looking like an interesting movie ( brain is not all hot pink and cupcakes on the inside)we figured it had the best of both worlds.


I got to spend two hours staring at my boyfriend Johnny Depp and Dave got to spend two hours staring at his man-crush Christian Bale. That’s what we call compromise.

Unfortunately, this was about all the appeal this movie had. There was a love story and thank goodness there was because it was just about the only part I could keep straight. There were way too many characters to keep track of and way too many subplots that were under developed and hard to keep straight. And because of all the characters and all the side stories the movie was two and a half hours long and it FELT two and a half hours long. I do love movies based on true stories though. I like to go home and google them to see how much of it is true. This movie seems to have stuck pretty true to life EXCEPT the love story part. It was similar but it was stretched. Which is beyond irritating since that was the only interesting part of the movie. Also, half of it was shot like an episode of COPS. The camera was all shaky and there were way too many close-ups. I felt like I was going to die or throw up thirty minutes into the movie. It went away for about an hour and a half but then the last thirty minutes were the same way. I had to close my eyes to refocus.

Another interesting tidbit I did find out. Melvin Pervis (Christain Bale) was born in South Carolina and actually died in the town I went to college in. Woot Woot..go Florence! I’m seriously surprised there is not a street named after him.

However, the movie did have a plus side! I did get to see a preview for Julie & Julia! It looks super cute and I can’t wait for that one to come out! Meryl Streep AND Amy Adams? This almost makes me want to pee myself!

2 Responses to “Public Enemies..Fail..”

  1. Shahrzad Baber July 2, 2009 at 2:26 pm #

    so dave has a crush on himself? cause thy are totally twins!

  2. Christen July 4, 2009 at 1:59 am #

    he does. AND what's ever weirder is he LOVES that he looks like him. He literally giggles like a little girl whenever someone tells him that.

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