This kid inside me is taking over my brain..

18 Jul

I’m fairly certain of it.

For the last week or so I have had the unexplainable urge to do something completly un-Christen. I sat on the idea for about five days waiting for it to go away. It never did. In fact if anything the urge became stronger. So last night I expressed the idea to Dave to see what he thought.

Not surprisingly he almost fell off the bed laughing hysterically when I told him I wanted to go hiking. Yes, I said hiking. I am aware of the fact that I can’t exactly go hiking in my current state, however, I can’t fight the urge of packing up the dog and the husband and walking on a nature trail somewhere. To be honest I am not even sure if I own appropriate shoes to even do this.

After Dave got up off the ground, caught his breath and realized I was serious he said he’d look into it. (He’s not exactly the Brawny Paper Towel Man either but he is more active than He heard from his hetro-sexual life mate Ken that there was a nice (walking) nature trail up around Lake Lure, NC where people take their dogs all the time. So we’re going next week.

Yes, I am the same girl who announced LOUDLY to her Appalachian Literature class that she strongly vetoed the idea of a class backpacking field trip because..and I quote…”Unlike these other outdoorsy people I wear make-up”.


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