Christen meets Mr. Owen.

29 Jul

On Sunday I went to Roanoke, Va to see my high school bff Shahrzad. She’s one of my favorite people in the world and I don’t get to see her enough so visiting with her would have been enough BUT I got to meet her chubby little thirteen week old baby Mr. Owen.

Owen, by the way, wanted very little to do with me and only let me hold him when he was in a good mood because he was simply enamored with his beautiful mommy. Shaz has always loved babies so I am pretty positive everyone that knows her knew she’d be a great mom. However, hanging out with her the passed few days made me feel a little bit better about being a mom because she made it look so EASY. Even when Owen had toxic farts that sent poop up his backside he still smothered him with kisses. If I can be half as good a mom to Little Dave as she is to Owen I think we’ll be good. It was also good to get lots of new Mom advice from someone who has been there recently. And she still found time to make me ‘smores.
The third best part of the trip (next to meeting Owen and seeing Shahrzad) were the gourmet cuppycakes. Yum. Pictures to follow.

One Response to “Christen meets Mr. Owen.”

  1. Shahrzad Baber August 1, 2009 at 4:06 pm #

    you made me cry, you're so sweet, we had so much fun with you, you are going to be a fantastic mom!!!!

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