I was actually busy!

6 Aug

For the first time all summer long I have actually had a very busy week since coming back from Virginia!

First, I got sick. That was fun. Basically I had a sore throat and my ear was bothering me a little bit. I wasn’t incapacitated by any means but I felt a day of rest was in order.
Apparently being sick and pregnant and having a paranoid husband is not a good combination. He was positive I somehow contracted the Swine Flu and was killing our unborn child. He was so paranoid that while I was in the bathroom trying to clear out the gunk (i.e. blowing my nose and coughing) he convinced himself I was throwing up and decided to take it upon himself to call my doctor. He left a message for the nurse who must deal with crazy husbands all the time because she never called us back. On one hand, thank god! I would have been so embarrassed if she called me and I had to explain that having a cold somehow equaled Asian Death Flu but on the other hand..what if I was dying!? What am I paying these people for?
My parents came to visit later that week while I was still feeling under the weather and when I told my mom what Dave did the worst happened. She agreed with him and told me I needed to start washing my hands.
My mother! The woman who I consider my best friend, who I talk to almost everyday..has sided with my husband. It occurred to me that I am no longer the joy of her life. Crap.
My parents were in town because….

I got my master’s degree! I actually finished in May but the ceremony wasn’t until August for some reason. It was lots of fun and I did not faint or fall down which I was certain I would do because it was 900 degrees in the auditorium and I had to wear heels. Wearing heels and waddling is NOT as easy as it sounds.
The same afternoon we also went to a family reunion for Dave’s side of the family. There were several birthdays to celebrate (mine included..but not til the 16th), and a lot of his family was passing through on R&R from Afghanistan and moving from an assignment in Germany to California. I have never seen all his family in the same house at the same time in the six years we’ve been together so it was important that we were there. I also got to see the first picture taken of me since I started showing.
Oh my. For weeks I thought..hey..I look goooooooooood! I barley look pregnant..let alone over 7 months! I bet people can’t even tell.
I don’t have the picture but I’ll help you make a visual picture:

I look like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory..only slightly less blue.
Monday we went to the doctors for an ultrasound and a checkup. We found out that Little Dave will probably be born around October 14th instead of the 27th because he is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule. He is over THREE pounds already. You may think three pounds is fairly small but most babies at 28 weeks (which is was I am) only weigh 2 to 2.5 pounds. Also, in the last four weeks he gains at least 1/2 a pound a week. I have about 12 weeks left..which means he will gain some weight in the next 8 weeks and then tack on 2 pounds to that number before he comes out. I have a genetic freak inside of me. He’s going to 12 pounds..I just know it.
I am happy though..because other than that he is very healthy and seemingly very happy because he eats so much. He also is going to be a ballerina because he was pushing his legs up towards his face and pointing his toes.
I need to go buy a tu-tu.


One Response to “I was actually busy!”

  1. Sarah and Brian Daniels August 9, 2009 at 12:55 am #

    large babies aren't genetic freaks! 🙂

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