12 Aug

Last night we had delicious pizza from Pizza Perfect. I was cranky, Dave was hungry and it was either pizza or spaghetti for the 900th time this month. So we went with pizza. It was delightful, delicious..etc..etc.
I left it on the counter because I knew Dave would eat off of it all night long and put it away when he was done. It was a big box..a HUGE box if you will. I was right in my assumption and this morning I woke up to find all of it gone but three slices. One would assume that if a box does not fit inside the fridge you take the slices out and wrap up or put them in a baggie right?

One Response to “Boys.”

  1. Sarah and Brian Daniels August 16, 2009 at 5:52 pm #

    thank god i'm not the only one who has a husband that does this sort of thing. b usally stacks heavy things like a 12 pack of pepsi on top of soft things like strawberries.

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