28 Aug

I have had an interesting (moody) week. I am typically a pretty happy person. It takes a lot to make me mad and even if I AM mad it is hard to tell that I am mad. I think I have only actually yelled at a few people in my life. However, in the last week I have: given a woman the strict command to “move!” when she was in my way at Wal-Mart, almost ran over an old man with my cart on the same Wal-Mart shopping trip when I was exiting the store with a buggy full of groceries and he said “You and that baby must be hungry”, and on the way home I gave a woman the middle finger salute who was driving down the middle of the road causing me to swerve and pull off the side of the road so I didn’t die.

I have turned into a pregnant waddling monster.

One Response to “Monster.”

  1. Shahrzad Baber August 28, 2009 at 11:44 am #

    now you shall understand the reason for my freak out about the wrong brown rice, I dont know what it is but around this time is when you get the most irritable, oh yeah i do know what it is…. you cant sleep, you cant eat without heartburn, your feet are swollen!!!!

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