Move it, Shake it.

9 Oct

Something happened last night. Dave and his hetro-sexual lifemate installed the carseat. The minute he left I got the overwhelming sensation that I want this baby OUT of me. I have been pretty patient up to this point. When the doctors told me they might move up my due date two weeks I prayed they wouldn’t. (They didn’t) Everytime someone asks me when I’m due and they respond with “Oh, well it’s your first baby so you probably won’t be early” I would smile and say “I hope not!” I had to lackadaisical approach to giving birth. It will come when it comes and then I will be drugged so much I won’t remember it and then I will have my baby. Marvelous.
Now, a little more than two weeks away from my due date I am ready to jiggle, eat eggplant parmesan and spicy food…basically do ANYTHING to get this kid out. It’s an overwhelming sense of calm about becoming a mom that I didn’t have until yesterday mixed in with a little bit of “I hate not being able to get out of bed in the morning without something NEW hurting.”

However, with absolutely no signs of progress and no labor symptoms I’ll probably be that girl who delivers her baby three weeks after her due date. Because that is just the way my life works.


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