Here comes Holden..

10 Nov

Warning..this post is mostly for me. Unless you want to read about a (pretty easy) birth you might just want to skip this one.

On Monday October 26th I had my forty week check-up. Dave and I had dubbed the previous weekend “Operation Get Baby Out” and we had done all the old wives tales. I ate eggplant Parmesan, we walked out dog until he almost passed out of exhaustion and I lifted anything large and in my way. I was confident I’d have made progress by Monday morning. I HAD to be at least a centimeter or two.
No progress, no dilation and I still was not effaced. Basically..he was locked up in there with no intention of coming out. I knew that meant that I would probably be induced. My doctor and I chatted about the pros and cons of it for awhile and basically she said she wouldn’t suggest I go one way over the other BUT chances were that my baby was already over 8 pounds and if I waited until he came out naturally he could be well over ten and I would possibly need a C-section. That was enough for me. Going under the knife was NOT in my birth plan. So the doctor skipped away and said she was going to call upstairs (Labor and Delivery) and set up my induction date. I was really thinking it would be later in the Thursday or Friday. When she came back and told me that she had scheduled it for that NIGHT I almost lost my breakfast on the exam room floor. It was ten a.m. and I had to be back at the hospital by five. The first thing I did was text Dave in a frenzy. I had planned to go home that day and take a nap but now I had about 60 million things to do. Once I left the office I called Dave and we were both SO excited but so anxious.
When I got home nesting kicked in. I vacuumed my entire house, did the dishes, washed three loads of laundry and cleaned my bedroom in about forty five minutes. Dave took a half day and thank god he did. When he walked in the door all my panic disappeared and was replaced by excitement! We decided to go eat a late lunch at Cracker Barrel since it would probably be my last real meal for awhile. After lunch we came home, cleaned up some things and took Reilly to the vet. Then we made our way to the hospital.
We got the hospital and checked in. Since I wasn’t effaced at all I had to do an extra step in the induction that most people don’t have to do. They had to insert crevadil to soften my cervix. Basically the medicine had to be inserted and then I just had to lay down for two hours flat on my back. Then I would be allowed to get up, use the bathroom, and eat. Then I would be given a sleeping pill and the nurse would check me around four a.m. If my cervix was softened I would be able to take a shower and then they would hook me up to Pitocin. If it didn’t work I would have to start all over again. The nurse inserted the Cervadil and hooked me up to 50 thousand machines. This was the worst part. Laying on my back was so uncomfortable because my heartburn was killing me and I wasn’t allowed to roll on my side. Also, every time I found a comfy position they lost Holden’s heartbeat on the monitor. Dave sat with me the entire time and we watched football and Gossip Girl. After my two hours were up Dave went and got me some Wendy’s because all the hospital would give me was a gross deli sandwich. I also noticed two things..
1. They tell you when you are pregnant not to sleep flat on your back
2. They also make a big deal about not eating deli meat.
I thought it was ironic that they made me lay on my back for two hours and then offered me a deli sandwich after spending nine months avoiding both of those things.
I had trouble sleeping but luckily around four a.m. the nurse came in and told me the Cervadil had been successful and we could begin Pitocin.
I was still woozy from the Ambien so I took a bath and I think I fell asleep three or four times during my bath. Finally I snapped out of it and went back to the bed to get labor started. I do not remember much about the next few hours. I do remember waking up at seven when my new nurse came in (!) and she asked me if I felt any pain. I felt a little crampy but that was all. She checked me and I was only two centimeters dilated. I woke up again around nine with such a pain in my lady parts I thought I was going to die. Dave was awake at this point and said I would kind of roll to my side and make a lot of noises and then pass out. Apparently, I was finally having contractions. Luckily, I was on some other medicine that made me pass out in between contractions. It was unlucky as well because to me it just felt like I was having back to back contractions. At this point some toolbag decided it was an excellent idea to break my water. By the way, this hurt! From then on I constantly felt like I was peeing myself and I kept asking Dave to get me towels to put under me. I think at one point I must of had nine towels under me. The contractions were never unbearable. They hurt, they were uncomfortable and they were really close together but I always gave them a “6” when Carol kept asking me to rate them on a scale of one to ten. Contractions did NOT feel like I expected them to feel. And the truth is that now I can’t remember how they felt. Which I suppose is nice that I don’t remember the pain. Eventually I made it to 4 centimeters and they called for the epidural man to come. This seemed like it took forever. I clearly remember asking Carol “where the crap the epidural man”. Finally he showed up. (Apparently he actually didn’t take that long at all..I was just antsy and unaware of time passing). Carol kept telling me I needed to sit absolutely still when they were giving me the epidural or else it wouldn’t work. Dave said I turned into a statue and I just kept thinking about how there was no way in the world I was moving a muscle. The worst part was I had two contractions while they were giving me the epidural. At first the needle only felt like a bee sting and then I felt nothing. I tried my hardest not to move and I didn’t. I only had one more painful contraction before the epidural kicked in. After that labor turned into a fun time. I had heard horror stories about epidurals not working, not being strong enough or having to do the process three or four times. Luckily, I had no problems. It kicked in almost instantly and the only thing that I could feel from the waist down was my bottom. It felt like it weighed 1000 pounds and it was going to break through the bed and I was going to go ass first down to the first floor of the hospital. I kept balling up my fist and putting them under me and I had Dave roll me from side to side just to make that feeling go away. I felt so great I even had some visitors! Dave’s mom and sister came in for awhile and then my Mom and Dad arrived (just in time!) so I got to chat with them before the baby was born. I have no idea what we talked about OR if I made any sense. I got the epidural around eleven a.m. and at twelve Carol checked me and was shocked to see that I had gone from 4 centimeters to 10 in less than an hour. It was time to push!
I couldn’t really feel the contractions so Carol would tell me when it was time to push. Dave said that I would push really hard for the ten seconds and he expected me to lay back and be in agony but I would lay back in between contractions and either fall asleep or chat with the people around me. After an hour of pushing Holden came into the world. Then Dave and I did the same thing that every new parent does once their baby is born..we held our breath until we heard him cry. It took about forty-five minutes for the nursery nurse to clean him up and give him his newborn tests and it felt like forever. Finally I got to hold him. I was amazed at how weird he looked! He had a head full of dark blond curly hair and his hands and feet were a little gray..but apparently that was normal and it didn’t matter because to me he was beautiful. Although, once he got to the nursery and got his official scrub down he looked much better. 🙂 The next few hours were a blur of family, friends and phone calls. I was in baby bliss and just wanted to hold and snuggle my little guy.
All in all it was a relatively painless labor thanks to all the drugs I was on. I really couldn’t have done it any other way. The contractions I had before the epidural felt like death..I couldn’t imagine doing it without pain relief.
Holden is a little over two weeks now and we’ve both been sleep deprived, overwhelmed and anxious. However, we are mostly in love with this little boy who has taken over our hearts. Even when he screams all night long.


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