Things I don’t want to forget..

19 Nov

To be honest I never LOVED being pregnant. I felt like crap or I was tired MOST of the time. I was always more excited for the end result rather than the present. Ironically, the first week or so of Holden’s life I felt like I mourned my pregnancy. I was sad that it was over. I was sad that I would never feel his little kicks or hiccups anymore. Even though he was here it was hard for me to accept that he was on the outside. However, my hormones balanced out and I became a rational person again. While the “What I won’t miss about being pregnant” list is much longer than this one there are a few things about being pregnant I don’t want to forget. Some of them are sweet and some of them are really ridiculous.
* The aforementioned kicks and hiccups.
* The guilt free foot and back rubs from Dave..every night.
* Eating whatever I wanted..whenever I wanted. Ohh, milkshakes how I miss you. 😦
* Reilly laying on my stomach and getting kicked by Holden. The first time he was confused..but from then on he just accepted it.
* The anticipation of going into labor. Mostly..the time I turned on my heated seats in my car then promptly forgot about it. Ten minutes I had convinced myself that my water broke.
* Funny pregnancy brain moments. Like the time I made a cake (ohh cake) and I walked back to the bedroom. Twenty minutes later I walked into the kitchen and said outloud to myself “Damn that cake smells good!” Only to find it sitting on the counter..unbaked where I left it.
* The expectant mother parking at Babies R Us.
* My maternity jeans..oh I loved them. Even though I was expanding at a freightening rate they made me look skinny!
* Milkshakes and cupcakes..have I mentioned that before?


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