New Year..New Blog..

1 Jan

Hi, I’m Christen.  I spent the last year and few months on the interwebs here:

However, it’s a new year..a new decade even and I have made the jump to wordpress.  I could give you some fancy smancy computerey reason why I did it but honestly I don’t know what any of that jig, mgb whatever crap means.  Basically I made the switch because I liked the tabby thingys at the top of the blog.  There, I said it.  I uprooted my entire blog because I like “tabby thingys”.  Clearly, I am a computer genius.

Hopefully I will be able to somehow import my old blog post onto this one so I won’t loose them forever.  2009 was a pretty amazing year as far as years go.  It will be hard to top.


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