My husband kicked me out of my house today..

2 Jan

Because I was acting bat crazy needed a break.

I am not one to really talk about hard things.  If something is getting me down I usually try to stay positive and focus on other stuff.  I rarely talk about these things to anyone other than Dave and I never broadcast them publicly.  Maybe this is compartmentalizing.  I don’t know.

But 2010 did not start off on the right foot.  To me it was just another day dealing with an exhausted child who refuses to nap.  After I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to get Holden to sleep anywhere other than my arms I almost lost it.  To most people spending an afternoon cuddling with an adorable cooing infant does not sound so bad right?  However, all I could think about was the pile of presents sitting in his room needing to get put away, the sink that was full of dishes, the grocery shopping that needed to be done, the suitcases that needed to be unpacked, the laundry (oh the laundry) that was taking over my bedroom floor, the dirty litter box, the dog that needed attention, the “man” room that was starting to make me break out in hives it was such a wreck and the fact that I hadn’t eaten a thing other than tortilla chips since dinner the night before.  Somewhere around this time it occurred to my loving husband (who, thank jesus, is off this week) that I had not been away from Holden for more than twenty minutes in well over five weeks.  After twenty minutes of crying in the bathroom he literally pushed me out of the door and locked it behind me telling me to go to Greenville for a few hours and not to come back.  So I did and not five minutes down the road I felt like a new person again.  I must remember in the future to tighten the vice grip I hold over my son and let other people help me.

On the other hand I got to go to Macy’s and spend a obsence amount of money on a comforter.  Thank you gift cards!

I was planning on coming here today and telling everyone about my goals for the year but I’ve decided that since today was such a crap day (even though it ended nicely with a soundly sleeping baby) that today didn’t exist.  It’s just a day that is going to get lost somewhere in the space-time continuum and tomorrow is actually the start of the new year.  At least that’s what I’ll tell myself when I try to justify the Taco Bell I had for lunch when resolution number one is to eat healthier.


3 Responses to “My husband kicked me out of my house today..”

  1. Sarah January 3, 2010 at 1:15 am #

    All I can say is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I thought I was the only mother who went crazy just 3 months after Christopher was born. But I was amazingly relieve to find out I wasn’t alone. So… You are not alone and I would think it odd if this hadn’t happened to you. Thank God for wonderful husbands.


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