New Year’s Resolutions…FAIL.

5 Jan

I’ve never been one for resolutions.  I think they just set you up for failure.

I always make New Year’s Goals.  The same exact thing? Yes.  However, calling them goals makes me feel better about my life so there.

The past few years have been the year of Christen.   Each year I’ve made tons of goals for myself and attempted to reach them.  I have no idea how many of said goals I actually reached because I typically forget about them by January 3rd.   A few weeks ago I decided that this year would be different.  This year I would only make three goals and I would start a new blog and hold myself accountable.  So far, I have failed miserably on all three counts.  However, it’s only January 4th right?  361 days to go.

The first is a fun one actually!  You may have noticed my AFI Top 100 List tab up there at the top of my blog.  I love movies, especially old movies.  I have always wanted to watch the AFI Top 100 but I never have.  Literally I have no excuse.  We have Netflix and not only do they ship me movies we also get them instantly through Dave’s XBox.  (Which is dead right now, but that’s another story for another day).  I looked over the list and I think together we’ve seen about ten of them.  This is a pretty lofty goal because I’d like to accomplish it by December 31st, 2010.  Which means an average of two movies per week.  How many movies have we watched on the list thus far? Zero.  How many movies have I watched in 2010 so far?  A few including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Four Christmases. Sadly, none of those are on the list.

The next is to become a better photographer.  I’m not talking about become such a whiz with the camera that I strike out on my own and start shooting weddings or anything.  I’d like to be able to take pictures (mostly of Holden) that don’t involve blurry extremities or red-eye.  Which all my pictures seem to have.  Even though they didn’t know about my new goal my parents bought me a new digital camera for Christmas.   Actually, my mom wrapped it and signed the card from Holden.  I am positive this was a MAJOR not so subtle hint from her that the occasional e-mail picture update was not enough.  Either way the gift is helpful because my old camera was about the size of a brick and had a viewing screen the size of a postage stamp.  It was sort of the “Zack Morris phone” of cameras.   When I got it in 2002 digital cameras were just becoming popular.  The thing cost about ten times what cameras cost now and everyone thought I was awesome.  I didn’t even take it to places (like trips to Disney World and Mexico) because I was worried it would break.

Goal Number Three is probably the most important.  In an effort to save money, lose my scary post baby body and after watching the movie Julie & Julia I decided to buy a health food cookbook and cook my way through it.  Having a baby makes you gain weight..duh.  Making 40,000 milkshakes while pregnant ALSO makes you gain weight.  Who knew?!  It’s not my fault that Dave bought a knock off Magic Bullet during my third trimester for his protein shakes (Someone in this house has to be healthy).  It is also not my fault that the faux Magic Bullet happened to make one mean milkshake.  It is also not my fault that from inside the womb Holden demanded milkshakes on regular basis. (One night..a night of pure shame..I actually made a milkshake and added a piece of birthday cake.  Surprisingly it was amazing.)  Ironically, I can no longer eat dairy without Holden having terrible gas which causes him to scream for hours on end while his stomach makes terrible noises.  Karma is a nasty mistress.  To sum this up I need to lose weight and just overall eat better.  While I was pregnant I had a terrible aversion to chicken therefore Dave and I either ate vegetarian meals (which he hated) or meals made with ground beef.  A girl can only classy up ground beef so many ways before it becomes a bit overwhelming.  So along with needing to eat better I need inspiration.  I love to cook.  I hate the cleaning up afterwards part but the cooking is fun.  So over Christmas vacation I bought a 365 Healthy Meals Cookbook by Better Homes and Gardens.  I know I won’t cook all 365 of them so it will not be a true Julie/Julia Project. Also, I am not using Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child because that stuff looks gross.  Also, all of it is drenched in butter and I’m trying to lose weight not gain it.  The reason I like it so much is because everything is divided into Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and anyone who knows me knows I love to eat seasonally!  It kills Dave that I won’t make chili if it’s not Fall or Winter.  He cannot grasp the concept that sitting in the house eating a hot bowl of chili when it’s 95 degrees out is just wrong.  His retort, “The house is air-conditioned”.  Oy.

Anyway..back to my point.  I bought the book and made my little list to take to the grocery store but somewhere between finishing the list (which I did) and making it to the store (which I didn’t) I got lost.  I have cooked since then..just other stuff that I’ve been making since we got married.  I’ll get there though.  Hopefully the recipes aren’t totally gross.


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