All alone.

14 Jan

I just put my baby in his crib…for the first time.  Since we brought him home he’s been sleeping in his bassinet in our room. Unfortunately he is the worlds lightest sleeper so we haven’t been able to turn on the lights or speak above a whisper in our own bedroom past 9:30 at night since October.

The first week he was home I said “By four weeks will transition him to his crib”.  Fail.

By four weeks I said “During Christmas Break will move him to his crib.” Christmas is gone y’all.

Thirteen days into the new year I decided that it’s time.  He’s bathed, sleep-sacked, fed and happily cooing in his crib.  And I am trying to resist the urge to go in there and poke him so he wakes up and we have to move him back to our room.

It’s official.  I’ll be the one crying on his first day of kindergarten.


2 Responses to “All alone.”

  1. Sarah January 15, 2010 at 1:50 am #

    i sobbed and sobbed when we put christopher in his room. i think i checked on him 15 times. just wait until he’s a little older if you decide to “ferberize”. it’s worse. much worse. good luck tonight! it’s hard, but you’ll be a much better mommy when you get some sleep.


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