Book Review Time!

19 Jan

Thanks to Holden finally sleeping in his crib. I have finally been able to start reading at night before bed. It’s a little treasure I didn’t realize how much I missed! It also makes the transition (for me) of not having Holden in the room a little easier.
I just finished Julie and Julia by Julie Powell.  I saw the movie first.  Something I rarely do.  I always like to read the book and then watch the movie simply because in past the book is always better than the movie.  General rule of life yes?

Um, not entirely true.  I loved the movie.  Amy Adams as Julie Powell was cute and quirky and hard not to love.  Julie Powell as Julie Powell?  A little bit obnoxious and an overall twit.  I hate to say it since she is a real person, but the book made her less than endearing and made me want to roll over and kiss my husband every night so he knows how much I appreciate him.
I hope it’s not true. I hope that if I met her in person she’d be lovely and we could chat and she’d tell me the book was only a glimpse into her life and that’s not who she truly is at all. Hopefully.
However I am totally excited to start my next book My Life in France by Julia Child. Otherwise known as the other inspiration for the movie. My official stance..just watch the movie. Amy Adams is adorable and Meryl Streep is..well..a goddess.


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