McFatty Monday Week Two

25 Jan

This week was super! I woke up every morning, went for a jog, at yogurt and granola then played Mommy to Holden and worked out again before bed. I ate nothing but leafy green veggies and grilled chicken and I lost a total of 6 pounds.

Big. Fat. Lie.

If that was my life I might off myself.

This was a week of mixed results. While I managed to work out 30 minutes six out of seven days this week won’t go on record as my best eating week. We only ate out once (it was literally like the pizza take-out menu leapt off the frigde into my hands..I swear) but I didn’t necessarily eat the best at home. Chili Con Queso es no bueno. Holden went through a phase where I couldn’t eat dairy. Over the last few weeks I started eating it again and he was fine. For some reason I decided that it would be an excellent idea to make Chili Con Queso for dinner Friday night. I told myself I’d just have a little bit and make sure Holden was okay. Two bowls later I had totally forgotten that plan and my diet. Holden also made it known that he did not appreciate my cheese intake by screaming most of the night.
My mom bought me a new cookbook and brought it with her when she came this weekend. (This weekend was also the first time in my life I ever heard my father a LaZBoy Store no less!. More on that later.)

Cook This, Not That
It gives a lot of recipes of stuff you order when you go out to eat (my biggest hobby) but they are healthier..and cheaper. Since I am cheap this is perfect for me. Last night we made Potato Skins and sautéed broccoli. They were delicious! Tonight we are having Huevos Rancheros! Ole’! I have a lot more that I want to try this week. Hopefully they will all continue to be yummy.
Overall I did manage to lose about 2 pounds this week, which is nothing to laugh at. I’m back down to my pre-Holden weight now I just need to get back to my pre-Dave weight. That will take awhile. A looonng while.

My goals for this week..keep up the working out, but kick it up a notch.  I am having fun with my Wii Fit but it isn’t exactly a high impact exercise routine.  Jillian Micheal’s 30 Day Shred is next on my Netflix queue so I need to go ahead and return E.T. because we are never going to watch it and get started.  I also am planning on cooking a new recipe from my new cookbook everyday this week.  I have no excuse but laziness not to do it.

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