I need chocolate..

1 Feb

Or, why won’t my child take a nap even though his eyes are bloodshot red and he looks like a crack addict because he’s so sleepy.

Oh yeah.  It’s been a super week.

Holden is a terrible napper.  I always used to say “It’s okay that he’s such a bad napper because he’s such a great sleeper!”  I was smug.  I was down right full of myself because from around Day Three my child started sleeping at night.  He wouldn’t sleep through the night but he would sleep, then eat and go right back to bed like the precious little bundle of joy he was is.  Suddenly he has become a terrible night sleeper.  He’ll go down from around 9:30 until anywhere from 1:00 until 3:00.  If he makes it until three I say my grateful prayers and consider myself lucky.  Usually he wakes up around one.  Then goes back to sleep for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES and then it up again, repeat, repeat, repeat until I can’t take it anymore and I bring him in to cuddle with me.  Then he’ll sleep forever.  I don’t get it kid.  He also won’t nap anywhere but my lap.  This is a bad habit that I let get out of control because I didn’t mind it at first.  Now that it has seeped over into nighttime it makes me want to slam my head against a brick wall.

I know it’s just a phase that he’s going through and eventually will get over.  I know when he’s older I’ll miss these infant days but now in my sleep deprived state I can honestly say I can’t wait until this mess is over.

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