1 Feb

Snow Day!  On Friday night..and a little bit during the day on Saturday..we got about two inches of snow.  I know I have some northerners that read my blog and you all are probably laughing at that piddly little number.  However, it was a big deal to us and it’s a good thing it came when it did because I bought that snow bear outfit for this very occasion and Chunky McChunkerson was already a little too big for it.  If the snow waited until March like last year I would have been out of luck.

He looks like a little angel face in this picture but Holden was not a fan of the cold weather.  He lasted about five minutes outside before he decided it was time for us to go into the nice warm house.

Other than a few near death experiences at Bi-Lo Friday evening before the storm really hit we had a great weekend snuggled in our nice warm house.  Living in a small town has its disadvantages during this kind of weather.  Most of the people in my area either live on windy back-country roads or on large pieces of land so people tend to get snowed in (or have power outages) even with the lightest dusting.  We luckily live in a nice little subdivision in the middle of town so we typically don’t get snowed in or loose our power.  Unfortunately, that means all the crazies were at Bi-Lo (one of two grocery stores) buying up all the bread and milk in sight.  It was crazy there at five o’clock on Friday evening.   I’m surprised Dave made it home alive.


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