I’d die without you Friday… Rainforest Jumperoo…

6 Feb

In an effort to blog more often I’ve given myself a few weekly topics.  Since I blog every Monday about weight loss I figure I owe it to my readers (all two of you!) to blog about something other than my expanding rear.  Of course this could go the way of the highly successful (sarcasm) Project 365 and the AFI Top 100.  (To be fair we DID watch a movie tonight for the first time in weeks.  Unfortunately, Lethal Weapon is not on the AFI Top 100 List).

So introducing, I’d die without you Friday. Where I will discuss things I would quiet literally roll up into a ball, hide in a corner and die without.  Most of these will probably be baby products because let’s face it…I have barely been out of the house in the last three months let alone purchased anything for myself.

So a few weeks before Christmas my mother (have I written about my mother yet?  I should..she is AH-mazing) anyway, she asked me what to get Holden for Christmas.  I told her some cloth diapers (note to self..blog about cloth diapers) and a playmat.  Christmas morning came and 900 presents later Holden was the proud owner of this.
Of course, he was much too small for it but we put him in it anyway and he was drowning in it.
A few weeks ago we noticed Holden was using his legs like a maniac and he had discovered his feet so we put him in the bouncer, which had just become a lovely fixture in our living room instead of actually being used. His legs were a little too short so we just put him in there and he LOVED it. He liked just shaking around and being able to move on his own. Unlike the other 65 million baby things we own this was the only thing he doesn’t start screaming bloody murder after he’s been in it for five seconds. (Like the swing, the bumbo, the crib, the pack and play, the car seat and the aforementioned play-mat).
Now I am able to put him in it and do crazy things like unload the dishwasher and hang up the laundry. His feet still don’t touch but we put a pillow under him and he can sort of bounce around. However, now he plays with the spinney things and he will stare for hours at the toucan that hangs from the top.  Okay, Holden can’t do anything for hours (not even sleep!) but he will stare at it for a long time.

Anything that lets me go to the bathroom without having to tote Holden with me (tmi?) pretty much get’s the “i’d die without you” status in my book.


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