I’d die without you Friday…..whale tub

13 Feb

That’s right.  Whale tub.

During Holden’s first few weeks on earth we developed a routine.  Back then it was: keep him happy til 8 and then tub, eat, bed.  It was all about survival.  We figured if we could make it until 8 without a complete mental breakdown (the breakdown would happen to us..not Holden) then maybe..just maybe we would survive.

Bath time became Holden’s shining moments.  In those days we hadn’t really figured out naps and at times Holden could be up 8 hours straight and would turn into a total ball of screaming misery until it was time for the tub.  Once he was in the tub he was happy.  Or at least we assumed he was happy because Holden’s go to look is a scowl.

A few weeks ago Holden started smiling..and giggling (the sweetest sound I have EVER heard).  At first I was frustrated because he gave maybe one or two smiles a week.  Then suddenly the tub became his safe haven, the place where giggles and smiles were free and given out in bundles.  Now it’s a nightly ritual.  At exactly eight o’clock our entire little family heads to the bathroom and gives Holden his bath.  (Even Reilly..although to be fair he’d rather lick Holden than take part in bath time fun).  Once, we skipped the bath because Holden had fallen asleep early.  That was a mistake.  Ten minutes after we put him down he screamed his little lungs off until we stripped him down and literally threw him in the tub as fast as we could.  The moment we put him in his warm bubbles he gave us both a look that said “Never eff with bath time again parents.”


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