Olympic Style Olympian Bah-bay.

13 Feb

I am nuts for the Olympics.  Something happens every four years and I totally loose my mind, paint my face red, white & blue and wave my little American flag and become glued to the television.  I watch all the coverage possible: gymnastics, track & field, archery, table tennis.  I loves it all.

It stems from a adolescene of doing competitive gymnastics and being obsessed a big fan of the sport.  When I was a kid it was innocent.  I would watch the gymnastics events on television and then maybe watch whatever my parents were watching in the background.  When I was twelve it all changed.  It was 1992 and I was super pumped for the Barcelona Olympics…the one that made Shannon Miller famous.  And my mom hung a schedule on the fridge that had all the dates and times and channels of all the events for the two weeks.

That was the beginning of the end.

By 1994 I was literally begging my parents to take a vacation to Lillehammer.  What thirteen year old wants to go to Norway on vacation?  (As a side note, once Dave and I were playing Trivial Pursuit with some friends and Lillehammer was the answer to a question that won us the game.  I knew the answer because of my Olympic obsession..it totally impressed Dave and he thought my brain was huge).

Anyway, as you can probably assume by the very pointless blog, I am literally jumping up and down because the Winter Olympics started today!

I turned Dave on to the wonders of the winter olympics in 2006.  He was especially excited about the event where you cross-country ski..and then you hit a target, but if you miss you have to do another lap and then hit the target again..repeat repeat repeat.  The winter olympics are truly some of the most random events ever.  However, the hot snowboarders totally make up for it.


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