Happy Valentine’s Day!

15 Feb

It’s funny to think that this time last year I was plagued by a mystery illness that caused me to spend most of Valentine’s Day 2009 in bed.
Little did I know that mystery illness was Holden. True Story.
Dave had something to do VDay 09 during the day so I went shopping in Greenville. I felt horrible so I came right home. By the next Monday I was still feeling horrible but I knew this was more than any ordinary sickness. I ran to Food Lion and bought several pregnancy test. The first one didn’t convince me because the line was too faint..the same with the second. By the time Dave got home from work I was out of tests and I still wasn’t convinced. We ran right to Food Lion to buy more and took another one. Dave was convinced..I wasn’t. I waited until the next morning and took another one..this time it was too obvious to doubt.
This Valentine’s Day was a little less exciting (no mysterious baby-sickness) but I did get to spend it reading sweet Valentine’s Day books to my little bear and having a nice dinner and watching the Amazing Race with my big Valentine.


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